PECULIAR COMICS #3, copyright 2008 by ED

…WAIT, what?

This went from the bizzare, confused world of Kid Cosmic and The Never to a very earthly Jupiter City and its (dead) Gray Ghost, and now it’s going back again?

“What the hell, ED?” I can imagine you thinking at your screen. “You’re a hack writer and not a very good artist at all and I’m never reading this again and if I ever see you in person I’m going to punch you in your kidneys.” That’s all well and good, but bear with me for a second while I try to rationalize it as to avoid future kidney failure.

Every time I’ve started up a project in the past (yes, EVERY time), I’ve always wound up bored and/or disillusioned with it and moved on to the next Big Idea, which I then get bored with, and the cycle starts again.

I’ve been working on Peculiar Comics for almost three months, which is a record for me.  That said, what keeps it so interesting is the amount of freedom I’ve allowed myself, especially in the storytelling.  I’ve tried to create a multiverse similar to DC or Marvel’s (but probably closer to Image’s growing universe), but told using the webcomic format.

Does this work? Will it continue to work? Let me know; any feedback is valuable*.

Please, though, spare my kidneys.

AND, you should check back tomorrow for the Peculiar Comics X-Mas Special, which is slightly linked with my guest strip over at HijinksEnsue.

*Except for “feedback” that reads along the lines of “OMG U R SO GHAY LOL FAGATRON!!11lolz!”; that will be deleted and/or mocked incessantly.