January 2009


I like to draw characters…no, that’s wrong; I like to create characters. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a tendency to get a little bored drawing the same thing over and over and over again (that’s not to say I’m bored with the comic at all; I just like changing it up a bit). But one of the re-occuring themes of the Friday Backup Features will be a few one-off character sketches. They may make it into canon eventually, though.

CHARACTER SKETCH #1 – “Darwin’s Legacy”

This guy carries over from last week’s Friday Backup Feature…sorta. This guy would be the “legacy” villain to Darwin’s Child.

PECULIAR COMICS #8, copyright 2009 by ED

THERE’S NOT MUCH to say this week, except that I’m trucking along on some projects, fingers of which may trickle into the Friday Backup Features. Stay tuned!


Well, here it is, the first Friday Backup Feature. Presented is a short story I wrote about a year and a half ago, and kind of kicked around in a PDF format for a bit. The story itself was inspired by an episode of History Channel’s “Monster Hunters”, which played around with the theory of an army of Joseph Stalin’s Private Monkey Men Army, inspired by the brief flirtation with the idea in a letter written to or by (I forget which) Stalin.


“Spring-Heeled Jack vs The Soviet Apeman” (PDF)

PECULIAR COMICS #7, copyright 2009 by ED

THIS STORY IS ACTUALLY the second story I wrote for Peculiar Comics (the first was a Gray Ghost concept that wound up not working). I wanted a sci-fi/horror story to contrast the (initial) grit of the Gray Ghost.

I’m glad things came together the way they did, especially as it pertains to the Peculiar multiverse.

Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for the first Back-Up Feature Friday this Friday, 1/23. The plan for the Back-Up Feature is a place for me to post sketches, podcasts, different parts of the comic-making process, etc.

PECULIAR COMICS #6, copyright 2009 by ED

I SWEAR TO the Gray Girdle, this is the most fun I’ve had thus far making a page. Half the fun in this is drawing new characters. I’ve got a multiverse to fill, after all.

…but that’s just me. What do you think? What’s working for you? What isn’t?

Comment. E-Mail. Follow me on Twitter (yes, I’m sorry, I’m one of those bastards that doesn’t let you stalk him anonymously).

PECULIAR COMICS #5, copyright 2009 by ED

I like podcasts. If I’m in the car or walking around plugged into my iPod, chances are, I’m listening to someone’s banter rather than music (I love music, too, but sometimes I get more out of podcasts). Here are some of my favorites:

Dollar Bin – A buncha people sitting around, bantering about comics. A very fun listen.

Escape Pod – Good science fiction without the trip to the used book store.

HijinksEnsue – Not only a fantastic web comic, but a great geekery podcast as well.

iFanboy – Comic book reviews and discussions that I look forward to each week.

NPR’s Fresh Air -Yes, I am a middle-aged hipster at heart; why do you ask?

Tom Vs. The Flash – Recaps silver and bronze age comics with a modern perspective and genuine adoration for the medium.

Smodcast – I love Kevin Smith movies. Maybe it’s the same inner fourteen-year-old that gets a secret chuckle out of the Sarah Silverman Show, but I love them, nonetheless. Listening to him, a goofy stoner nerd who just happens to be smack in the middle of Hollywood, and Scott Mosier banter like normal people is refreshing.

PECULIAR COMICS #4, copyright 2008 by ED


No, no, I’m not tapping out, but I am acknowledging that this story will have to come to an end at some point.

I was driving back from a friend’s house one night, and…well, it could have been a lot of things I was experiencing at the moment (including the view of the inspiration for the Jupiter City setting, as seen on the about Peculiar Comics page), but something somewhere in my thinkspot told me that I needed an ending. I needed something to work towards. While the Big Two companies can afford to go on forever due to a constant influx of staff, I, one man working an entire multiverse, can not do this forever.

I’m only human (unfortunately), and I know my limits as an artist; any number of factors could cause this thing to end at any time, and I’ve got to do as my Boy Scout training taught me and “be prepared”.

Why set this up in one of those nasty, useless zero issue things? Why post on a Tuesday? Hell, why is this in colour and not in various shades of gray?

You could sum all those things up by saying that I’m just another bastard on the Internet with a comic.

It is, however, this bastard’s birthday. So, while you’re sitting there confused and angry and ready to delete Peculiar Comics from your bookmarks, I’m overjoyed that someone out there in the ether is paying attention, as evidenced by the visit count.

Sometimes a minuscule ego stroking is the best birthday gift of all.