PECULIAR COMICS #4, copyright 2008 by ED


No, no, I’m not tapping out, but I am acknowledging that this story will have to come to an end at some point.

I was driving back from a friend’s house one night, and…well, it could have been a lot of things I was experiencing at the moment (including the view of the inspiration for the Jupiter City setting, as seen on the about Peculiar Comics page), but something somewhere in my thinkspot told me that I needed an ending. I needed something to work towards. While the Big Two companies can afford to go on forever due to a constant influx of staff, I, one man working an entire multiverse, can not do this forever.

I’m only human (unfortunately), and I know my limits as an artist; any number of factors could cause this thing to end at any time, and I’ve got to do as my Boy Scout training taught me and “be prepared”.

Why set this up in one of those nasty, useless zero issue things? Why post on a Tuesday? Hell, why is this in colour and not in various shades of gray?

You could sum all those things up by saying that I’m just another bastard on the Internet with a comic.

It is, however, this bastard’s birthday. So, while you’re sitting there confused and angry and ready to delete Peculiar Comics from your bookmarks, I’m overjoyed that someone out there in the ether is paying attention, as evidenced by the visit count.

Sometimes a minuscule ego stroking is the best birthday gift of all.