PECULIAR COMICS #5, copyright 2009 by ED

I like podcasts. If I’m in the car or walking around plugged into my iPod, chances are, I’m listening to someone’s banter rather than music (I love music, too, but sometimes I get more out of podcasts). Here are some of my favorites:

Dollar Bin – A buncha people sitting around, bantering about comics. A very fun listen.

Escape Pod – Good science fiction without the trip to the used book store.

HijinksEnsue – Not only a fantastic web comic, but a great geekery podcast as well.

iFanboy – Comic book reviews and discussions that I look forward to each week.

NPR’s Fresh Air -Yes, I am a middle-aged hipster at heart; why do you ask?

Tom Vs. The Flash – Recaps silver and bronze age comics with a modern perspective and genuine adoration for the medium.

Smodcast – I love Kevin Smith movies. Maybe it’s the same inner fourteen-year-old that gets a secret chuckle out of the Sarah Silverman Show, but I love them, nonetheless. Listening to him, a goofy stoner nerd who just happens to be smack in the middle of Hollywood, and Scott Mosier banter like normal people is refreshing.