February 2009

PECULIAR COMICS #11, copyright 2009 by ED

SPACE GODS? WTF? Where did they come from?

Long story short, they came from a crappy art school project! Whoo hoo!

PECULIAR COMICS #11, copyright 2009 by ED

STARTING WITH NUMBER TWENTY something, I’m going to end “Book 1” of Peculiar Comics and start “Book 2”. Why the unnecessary division?

Aesthetic simplicity. See, I’ve started drawing comics a new way. It’s sort of like changing factories. With this new style, I’ve also kept the panels fewer and larger, to better suit my cheap ass the current page format and thus allow for better readability, which as been the biggest complaint thus far.

That, and I’m a bastard who feels like needlessly complicating things. BOOSH!

EDIT: Sorry about putting last week’s up today. Mah bad.

PECULIAR COMICS #10, copyright 2009 by ED

THE NEW YORK COMIC-CON, my virgin Con experience (aside from the Virginia Comic-Con(s), which are small and dinky but good for cheap books), was a huge success. I’ll post a link to pictures later on.

Today’s comic is an experiment in displaying the text. I don’t stick with this method entirely, but it will resurface every now and then in later comics when the time is right.

Enjoy, and as always, feedback is much appreciated.



This one (along with a few other future characters appearing in the backup feature) may make his way into continuity as a multi-planar real estate agent. He literally buys up realities and sells them to wealthy deities.

PECULIAR COMICS #9, copyright 2009 by ED

COMICCON IN THREE DAYS! Epic road trip to Jersey, a ferry ride into New York, extensive line-waiting time and then BOOSH, the con! I ARE TEH ECCITED!