April 2009

PECULIAR COMICS #21, copyright 2009 by ED

FOR THE RECORD, I am officially done with nineteen years of schooling as of yeserday. Between that and the fact that our cable connection blows, this comic almost didn’t go up today.


PS – The “Credentials” page contains my cover letter and resume, in the event that you happen to have spare coin to spend on supporting my filthy, filthy comic book habit. That, and I like showing them off, because I’m a pompous dirtbag like that.

PECULIAR COMICS #20, copyright 2009 by ED

I HAVE NO TIME FOR TALKING! ‘Tis a very busy time of year, between job-searching and finals and starting reading The Adventures of Luther Arkwright” and a super-secret project I’m starting on.

Talk to you later.

PECULIAR COMICS #19, copyright 2009 by ED

LIKE THE COMIC SAYS, nothing special. I did this when I was on this whole brush pen kick. You’ll be able to tell how long THAT lasts within the next coupla installments.

In the meantime, I think I have an addiction to funnybooks. Two weeks ago I purchased a nice stack worth about $275 for $20. I’m currently waiting on Akira Toriyama’s “Sandland”, Brian Talbot’s “Luther Arkwright”, and vol. 4 of Grant Morisson’s “New X-men”. Tomorrow, I’m purchasing at LEAST $15 worth of single issues. I’ve got a giant list of things I want to purchase (I think I’m going to get omnibi 2 & 3 of “Starman” when #3 comes out in June). I’m already planning on what I’m going to nab at the VA Comiccon (including vol. 5-7 of “New X-Men”, and Cthulhu knows what else).

Yes, I have a dirty dirty addiction to panels and word balloons.

And I love it.

PECULIAR COMICS #17, copyright 2009 by ED

AT SOME POINT, I’ll start wrapping up ideas instead of proposing new ones.

This is not that point.

Because if there’s one thing I wanted the Peculiarverse to be, it’s big. Realistically, it’s just getting confusing, but I’d like to think it’s a big kind of confusing, like in a Grant Morrison sort of way (but I think making that comparison was probably WAYYYY too vain and pompous on my part).


Nothing exciting today. Solely a poster from a project I’m working on for one of my classes. Said project, however, ties into the “Space Gods!” corner of the Peculiar Multiverse. The focus of this project is recruitment for the “Supra Soldat” (seen in No. 14), the Space Gods’ personal army, made up of those born without the powers to be Space Gods, but still willing to fight in the battle against Blackhand.

…or so we think.

The purpose of the project is to bring us all a little bit further into the world the Space Gods operate in, as well as a better sense of their brand of cosmic justice. Pictures (and video!) of the project to appear sometime next month…hopefully.

In the meantime, grab a cold one:

I had another poster to show, but it was full of awful mistakes and an embarrassing spelling mistake, so that one will have to wait.

Side note: This makes me all sorts of giddy. Hell yeah, summertime events!

PECULIAR COMICS #17, copyright 2009 by ED

THIS IS WHERE I BEGIN to express my feelings on the gritty, lone wolf, anti-hero type. Now, don’t get me wrong: I LOVE me some Batman (and yes, I enjoyed RIP and the end of Final Crisis, thankyouverymuch), but Wolverine? No. There are a handful of Wolverine stories that I actually enjoy, but other than that, I think he’s worthless and should be the victim of some sort of colossal, cataclysmic event.*

Stay tuned through Vol. 2, when part of a new line of PC (entitled “From the Streets of Jupiter City”) explores the life of a character that may or may not sorta kinda maybe resemble Wolverine.

*I say this knowing full well they won’t; there’s a good rea$on he’s in so many freaking Marvel books…