PECULIAR COMICS #29, copyright 2009 by ED

THIS IS WHERE I KINDA SORTA change the point of Peculiar Comics. I wrote this one a while back, while I was in my “Death: Myth and Reality” class with two specific limits in mind: it had to explore different understandings of death, and it had to be (mostly) wordless. I decided the easiest way to do this was with either robots or cavemen…so I went with both.

Like I mentioned before, this is where things change a bit. Peculiar Comics will still feature some of the characters I’ve used so far, but I’m shifting focus to personal experimentation with the medium. Things to look forward to coming up:

  • Slice of life stories in a superhero world (and a return to Jupter City)!
  • Golden Age-style space stories!
  • Changes in panel layout!

Stay tuned, cadets! Your starship captain commands it!