PECULIAR COMICS #34, copyright 2009 by ED
YOU HAVE MY ETERNAL RESPECT if you can spot the “Frisky Dingo” reference.

If you can’t spot that, then I’m sure you’ve ALSO spotted the lack of a conclusion to the “My Fucking Raygun” story. Yes, I’m actually working on it. No, it’s not COMPLETELY done. No, I can’t guarantee it’ll happen next week.

To be fair, though, I was doing the MFR stories completely on a tablet, and that takes a long fucking time. For the most part, everything else I’ve done for Peculiar Comics has been primarily accomplished using pencil and paper, with some digital editing and finishing flourishes.

I like doing these little black and white “slice of life” stories (because it’s a well-known fact that hook-ups with aliens happen way more often than you’d care to admit) because they’re different than what I usually draw and write, and VERY different than what I usually read. Granted, my past two reads have been Asterios Polyp, which you should go out and buy if you haven’t already, and the third volume Love & Rockets, which you should also read if you haven’t already…especially since L&R‘s been around for…oh, almost a quarter century now. These stories are also completely hand-done. Granted, I do adjust the levels a tad in Photoshop, but that’s only to fix what the scanner has botched.

Next week, you’ll see either the conclusion to “My Fucking Raygun” or the true story of how I met my girlfriend of two and a half years.