PECULIAR COMICS #30, copyright 2009 by ED

LIKE I SAID BEFORE, TO QUOTE BOB DYLAN in the most cliche way possible, “The times they are a-changin'”.

Recently, I’ve been playing around with color in comics, more specifically, a limited color pallet. In a portfolio I’m working on, I’m utilizing only primary colors (to obtain other colors, I adjust the transparencies of the colors in Photoshop). Here (and with the strips to follow), I expanded my color pallet to secondary colors and slightly darker versions of some colors for shading. I’m doing this partially as a way to fine-tune my skills with my new Bamboo tablet.

I also wanted to experiment with a vertical strip format, as well as working in a higher resolution (Volume One wasn’t scanned in at 300 dpi, so even if there WERE interest to print them down the line, they’d look crappy; Volume Two is here to fix that).

Feedback? Is this a good change? Were things better before? Should I quit now and dock off my hands?