VORTEX #11, copyright 2009 by ED

Number eleven: What the hell is Donald’s problem?

[VORTEX COMICS occur once per day Monday through Friday. VORTEX COMICS do not occur on weekends. VORTEX COMICS is made by selecting five images (photos I’ve taken, made grayscale, and inked after printing) and five phrases (taken from things I’ve written in the past), pairing it down to three phrases, and leaving the connection up to the reader. VORTEX COMICS have no defined story…for now.]

Also, reader participation time! I need help filling in a few blanks for a Vortex sub-project. Comment with the following:
1. Profession
2. Number 1 through 12
3. Color
4. Adjective
5. Adjective
6. Mythological beast
7. Initials of a person in the room
8. Adjective
8A. Feline
9. Position of power
10. Number between one and five, with two decimal places
10A. Number of people in the room
10B. Math term
11. Adjective
12. Sea creature
13. Adjective
14. Internal organ
15. Part of leg
16. Number between five and twenty, with one decimal place
17. Adverb
18. Noun associated with religion
19. Plant, plural
20. Adjective
21. Bladed isntrument or weapon
22. Number between 10 and 20, with two decimal places
23. Number between 43 and 84, with three decimal places
24. Adjective
25. Energy