VORTEX #53, copyright 2009 by ED

Number fifty-three: They tried to make me go to rehab…and I found out where to get the good ****.

NEWS ITEM: I went the route of those with an air of self-importance and created a Facebook fan page for Peculiar Comics. Two other poor bastards have already shown their love and proved that they are paying attention. As sweet, sweet incentive, I’ve got an EXCLUSIVE COMIC on the page. Enjoy.

[VORTEX COMICS occur once per day Monday through Friday. VORTEX COMICS do not occur on weekends. VORTEX COMICS is made by selecting five images (photos I’ve taken, made grayscale, and inked after printing) and five phrases (taken from things I’ve written in the past), pairing it down to three phrases, and leaving the connection up to the reader. VORTEX COMICS have no defined story…for now.]