VORTEX #70, copyright 2010 by ED

Number seventy: For the record, this one is only as dark as it is because that was the only way I could make anything vaguely coherent out of the draw.

AND A NEWS ITEM! I’ve decided that the VORTEX EXPERIMENT will end at number one hundred. It’s already losing some of its charm (meaning ANY charm it had), and I don’t think I have it in me to drag it out throughout the year. Thus, this incarnation of the experiment will come to an end. But NO WORRIES! The VORTEX EXPERIMENT may continue in other forms, and I may release collections of the one hundred strips in twenty-five-strip collections, and eventually maybe a complete collection.

THIS WON’T BE THE END of PECULIAR COMICS, however. NO! The next phase is already underway. Want proof? Some vector art from the next chapter of Peculiar Comics, “The Book of the Spacemen”.

Big things happnin’.

[VORTEX COMICS occur once per day Monday through Friday. VORTEX COMICS do not occur on weekends. VORTEX COMICS is made by selecting five images (photos I’ve taken, made grayscale, and inked after printing) and five phrases (taken from things I’ve written in the past), pairing it down to three phrases, and leaving the connection up to the reader. VORTEX COMICS have no defined story…for now.]