…so I’m starting to realize that “Book of the Spaceman” comics take quite a bit of time to do in Illustrator. I COULD, in theory, do a severely stripped-down version by hand, but one of the things I learned in the Vortex Experiment was to maintain a unified look to the project. Thus, “Book of the Spaceman” installments will be posted every OTHER week.

In the weeks between, I assure you there will be SOME form of content posted here every Wednesday. This week, I have my submission to Velocity‘s most recent DRAW! contest: “HOW I BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF ________!” I chose Cyclops. It’s not that I’ve got any particular ill will towards the character; I just felt he was the best candidate for a bizarre beat-down. It’d be simple: stab his f***ing eyes. BUT! In stabbing through his visor, I risk death and/or dismemberment. LOOPHOLE! Send a monkey to do it for me.

Monkeys + science == stab!

In the meantime, feel free to catch up on old strips from BotS, the Vortex Experiment, and the previous comics in archive, and check out the Pretentious Facebook Fan Page. I’ll see you next week with a new heretical visualization of the Book of Genesis.