PECULIAR COMICS was inspired by an interview I heard with Rick Remender, where he mentioned if a writer/artist were to do one page a week for a year, he could have two issues of a series done. I instead decided to run with that 1-page-per-week formula and create Peculiar Comics, a weekly one-page comic story.

I love superhero comics. That said, PECULIAR COMICS is also an experiment in multiverse-building. I want to create my own comic multiverse, full of impossible heroes and villains, only to be able to fuck it all up in a giant crisis and start all over again. I want to be a one-man factory of the weekly Wednesday mainstream crack, only with the freedom to do and say what I please in my multiverse, free from sales statistics and censors.

Yes, yes, I know the art isn’t perfect, nor is the writing, but I’m still learning. If people dig it?  Cool, I’m doing something right.  If people think this is a load of crap and I should just stop trying?  That’s cool, too; I know there’s something I need to work on (not that this is any indication that I will change my style on the whims of some faceless iHater).  PECULIAR COMICS, for me, is a way to practice making things that, not only I will enjoy, but hopefully others will as well.

Broad Street and 25th, Jupiter City

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