Friday Backup Feature


Nothing exciting today. Solely a poster from a project I’m working on for one of my classes. Said project, however, ties into the “Space Gods!” corner of the Peculiar Multiverse. The focus of this project is recruitment for the “Supra Soldat” (seen in No. 14), the Space Gods’ personal army, made up of those born without the powers to be Space Gods, but still willing to fight in the battle against Blackhand.

…or so we think.

The purpose of the project is to bring us all a little bit further into the world the Space Gods operate in, as well as a better sense of their brand of cosmic justice. Pictures (and video!) of the project to appear sometime next month…hopefully.

In the meantime, grab a cold one:

I had another poster to show, but it was full of awful mistakes and an embarrassing spelling mistake, so that one will have to wait.

Side note: This makes me all sorts of giddy. Hell yeah, summertime events!


First and foremost, salutations and hullos to those of you coming in from Dinosaurs Fucking Robots. I’m simultaneously honoured and surprised that they posted my submission.

I’m sorry my layout isn’t more…webcomicy…but I have no knowledge of PHP (and thus the workings of WordPress), and thus can’t control this beast at the level I’d like to. If anyone knows where to find a guide to that sort of thing I’d be greatly appreciative.

Anyways, business: I’m one of the poor bastards who are graduating from the magical subset of reality that is college and moving on to a “real job”, a dastardly think where everything’s gray and box-shaped and simplified onto Excel spreadsheets (ew). As a result of said “graduating”, I’m obliged to inform relatives. Instead of ordering the same-old announcements that are plain and boring and most of which is ordered will sit in a box in an attic for years to come, I decided to make my own. Below is an…adaptation, I suppose, of what my card looks like. Enjoy.

BUT WHO THE HELL IS THAT SQUIRREL!? Maybe you’ll find out later.


CHARACTER SKETCH #3 – “RO-bin & RO-byn”

These two, RO-bin and RO-byn, are the twin children of Ze-RO (who appeared in a previous FBF). They act as his “reality flippers”, where they strip away unmarketable elements from the realities their father purchases before putting them up on the Godmarket.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m starting a second volume.

I’ve got the first storyline finished, and I’m all giddy for it.

Here’s a taste.