Peculiar Crisis

PECULIAR COMICS #19, copyright 2009 by ED

LIKE THE COMIC SAYS, nothing special. I did this when I was on this whole brush pen kick. You’ll be able to tell how long THAT lasts within the next coupla installments.

In the meantime, I think I have an addiction to funnybooks. Two weeks ago I purchased a nice stack worth about $275 for $20. I’m currently waiting on Akira Toriyama’s “Sandland”, Brian Talbot’s “Luther Arkwright”, and vol. 4 of Grant Morisson’s “New X-men”. Tomorrow, I’m purchasing at LEAST $15 worth of single issues. I’ve got a giant list of things I want to purchase (I think I’m going to get omnibi 2 & 3 of “Starman” when #3 comes out in June). I’m already planning on what I’m going to nab at the VA Comiccon (including vol. 5-7 of “New X-Men”, and Cthulhu knows what else).

Yes, I have a dirty dirty addiction to panels and word balloons.

And I love it.

PECULIAR COMICS #13, copyright 2009 by ED

THIRTEEN, I HOPE, is as dark and as creepy as this number typically warrants. Not done that way on purpose, mind you, but I’m glad it turned out that way.

PECULIAR COMICS #9, copyright 2009 by ED

COMICCON IN THREE DAYS! Epic road trip to Jersey, a ferry ride into New York, extensive line-waiting time and then BOOSH, the con! I ARE TEH ECCITED!

PECULIAR COMICS #4, copyright 2008 by ED

YOSEPH is a character I’ve been kicking around since the eighth grade, when I had the idea to do a fan webcomic set in the Dragonball Universe. Not necessarily on Earth, nor featuring any of the same characters created and used by Akira Toriyama. I wanted to do something similar to his stories, but with my own twist.

(Say what you will about Akira Toriyama and Dragonball, but that Japanese pothead and his uniquely-styled universes have been some of the biggest influences.)

I forget the story I had planned out, but Yoseph had been there since the beginning. He looked a little different, wearing an outfit similar to that of Mr. Popo in the Dragon Ball series and a Super Mario World-esque mushroom cap.

Later, in my freshman year in college, I resurrected the character, calling him Adolus, putting him on a quest for the Great Gray Toad in two seperate projects. One of those projects (the one where I introduced the Toad), my instructor said he’d like to see the story in the form of a 24-page comic.

Thus, I started storyboarding a comic surrounding Adolus’ adventure to reach the Great Gray Toad, and the quest he would be given.

I say “started” because I got maybe nine pages in before I was distracted by other things. Every so often, though, I’d pick up the idea again, fleshing out the adventure, adding more characters, and eventually finding a bizarre ending for it. At one point, I had the idea of incorporating it into a friend’s Universe (the Crooked Kingdom, an element that stuck…and I’m thankful she hasn’t gorged my spleen with something sharp and rusty for pissing all over her idea), but nothing ever really came from any of this.

Somewhere in the early planning stages of Peculiar Comics I decided to bring Adolus back. The problem was, I realized he looked like a big fat piece of copyright infringement, and wasn’t really the character I needed him to be. With a few (okay, major) cosmetic changes, Adolus became Yoseph XIII.

What will come next for Yoseph? What changes will he go through? Where will he go? Who will he shoot?

Stay tuned.

PECULIAR COMICS #3, copyright 2008 by ED

…WAIT, what?

This went from the bizzare, confused world of Kid Cosmic and The Never to a very earthly Jupiter City and its (dead) Gray Ghost, and now it’s going back again?

“What the hell, ED?” I can imagine you thinking at your screen. “You’re a hack writer and not a very good artist at all and I’m never reading this again and if I ever see you in person I’m going to punch you in your kidneys.” That’s all well and good, but bear with me for a second while I try to rationalize it as to avoid future kidney failure.

Every time I’ve started up a project in the past (yes, EVERY time), I’ve always wound up bored and/or disillusioned with it and moved on to the next Big Idea, which I then get bored with, and the cycle starts again.

I’ve been working on Peculiar Comics for almost three months, which is a record for me.  That said, what keeps it so interesting is the amount of freedom I’ve allowed myself, especially in the storytelling.  I’ve tried to create a multiverse similar to DC or Marvel’s (but probably closer to Image’s growing universe), but told using the webcomic format.

Does this work? Will it continue to work? Let me know; any feedback is valuable*.

Please, though, spare my kidneys.

AND, you should check back tomorrow for the Peculiar Comics X-Mas Special, which is slightly linked with my guest strip over at HijinksEnsue.

*Except for “feedback” that reads along the lines of “OMG U R SO GHAY LOL FAGATRON!!11lolz!”; that will be deleted and/or mocked incessantly.

PECULIAR COMICS #1, copyright 2008 by ED

WELL, here it is. Peculiar Comics #1. This project’s been in the works for a month and a half now, but’s it’s been a labour of love. If you want to know more about Peculiar Comics (or it’s author), go to the page on the left; I’m not going to be redundant.

Many thanks for the support from my family, my wonderful girlfriend, and the Fancy Bastards at HijinksEnsue, who all helped to get this beast moving in one way or another.