PECULIAR COMICS #19, copyright 2009 by ED

LIKE THE COMIC SAYS, nothing special. I did this when I was on this whole brush pen kick. You’ll be able to tell how long THAT lasts within the next coupla installments.

In the meantime, I think I have an addiction to funnybooks. Two weeks ago I purchased a nice stack worth about $275 for $20. I’m currently waiting on Akira Toriyama’s “Sandland”, Brian Talbot’s “Luther Arkwright”, and vol. 4 of Grant Morisson’s “New X-men”. Tomorrow, I’m purchasing at LEAST $15 worth of single issues. I’ve got a giant list of things I want to purchase (I think I’m going to get omnibi 2 & 3 of “Starman” when #3 comes out in June). I’m already planning on what I’m going to nab at the VA Comiccon (including vol. 5-7 of “New X-Men”, and Cthulhu knows what else).

Yes, I have a dirty dirty addiction to panels and word balloons.

And I love it.