PECULIAR COMICS #16, copyright 2009 by ED

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING completely different.

With this page (and the next one) I explore the Gray Ghost mythos a bit. I hope to delve into it more later on, but I’ve got a few loose ends to tie off. Hell, we may even see a new Gr…well, no, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself; I haven’t even planned anything like that out yet. But, I can assure you that, as always with Peculiar Comics…stuff will happen (and if you’re under the influence, said “stuff” might actually resemble something “well-done” and “understandable”).

PECULIAR COMICS #9, copyright 2009 by ED

COMICCON IN THREE DAYS! Epic road trip to Jersey, a ferry ride into New York, extensive line-waiting time and then BOOSH, the con! I ARE TEH ECCITED!