March 2009


First and foremost, salutations and hullos to those of you coming in from Dinosaurs Fucking Robots. I’m simultaneously honoured and surprised that they posted my submission.

I’m sorry my layout isn’t more…webcomicy…but I have no knowledge of PHP (and thus the workings of WordPress), and thus can’t control this beast at the level I’d like to. If anyone knows where to find a guide to that sort of thing I’d be greatly appreciative.

Anyways, business: I’m one of the poor bastards who are graduating from the magical subset of reality that is college and moving on to a “real job”, a dastardly think where everything’s gray and box-shaped and simplified onto Excel spreadsheets (ew). As a result of said “graduating”, I’m obliged to inform relatives. Instead of ordering the same-old announcements that are plain and boring and most of which is ordered will sit in a box in an attic for years to come, I decided to make my own. Below is an…adaptation, I suppose, of what my card looks like. Enjoy.

BUT WHO THE HELL IS THAT SQUIRREL!? Maybe you’ll find out later.

PECULIAR COMICS #16, copyright 2009 by ED

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING completely different.

With this page (and the next one) I explore the Gray Ghost mythos a bit. I hope to delve into it more later on, but I’ve got a few loose ends to tie off. Hell, we may even see a new Gr…well, no, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself; I haven’t even planned anything like that out yet. But, I can assure you that, as always with Peculiar Comics…stuff will happen (and if you’re under the influence, said “stuff” might actually resemble something “well-done” and “understandable”).


CHARACTER SKETCH #3 – “RO-bin & RO-byn”

These two, RO-bin and RO-byn, are the twin children of Ze-RO (who appeared in a previous FBF). They act as his “reality flippers”, where they strip away unmarketable elements from the realities their father purchases before putting them up on the Godmarket.

PECULIAR COMICS #15, copyright 2009 by ED

WHOOPS! SORRY IT’S LATE! No excuses; it just sorta happened.

Eternals #7, the end of the current series, came out today. It was a good run. The art was sorta iffy towards the end, but I liked the story, and the ending was something I didn’t expect. ‘Twas a much better wrap-up issue than Simon Dark.

Also, this was win.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m starting a second volume.

I’ve got the first storyline finished, and I’m all giddy for it.

Here’s a taste.


PECULIAR COMICS #14, copyright 2009 by ED

HOT DIGGITY DAMN! More Space Gods shennanigans! More buildup and ominosity! Yes, ominosity is so a real word!

Also, my egometer is reading low when I look at my page count. I appreciate the comments and views of those of you who DO drop by, but I encourage you- nay, I beg you- if you enjoy this, spread Peculiar Comics around the Internatz like influenza in a daycare! However, I might warn you to spread only to people who might appreciate it (so the influenza reference is kind of moot), as I don’t want your friends and neighbors thinking that you’ve been taking happy pills.

PECULIAR COMICS #13, copyright 2009 by ED

THIRTEEN, I HOPE, is as dark and as creepy as this number typically warrants. Not done that way on purpose, mind you, but I’m glad it turned out that way.