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PECULIAR COMICS #36, copyright 2009 by ED
PECULIAR COMICS! FREE ON WEDNESDAYS!ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME AND MY COMIC BOOK INTERESTS knows I’m not fond of Wolverine. He works best as a background element. In fact, my favourite story involving everyone ELSE’s preferred Canadian superhero is a Mark Millar story that takes place at a concentration camp during World War II that’s told from the perspective of the camp commander. That said, I feel this comic accurately describes my feelings about the character.

In other news, I read Joe Casey’s I Kill Giants last night and had a hearty cry at the end. I got it discounted due to a Border’s coupon, but after reading it, I feel it’s worth AT LEAST the $15.99 list price. I highly suggest picking it up.

PECULIAR COMICS #20, copyright 2009 by ED

I HAVE NO TIME FOR TALKING! ‘Tis a very busy time of year, between job-searching and finals and starting reading The Adventures of Luther Arkwright” and a super-secret project I’m starting on.

Talk to you later.

PECULIAR COMICS #7, copyright 2009 by ED

THIS STORY IS ACTUALLY the second story I wrote for Peculiar Comics (the first was a Gray Ghost concept that wound up not working). I wanted a sci-fi/horror story to contrast the (initial) grit of the Gray Ghost.

I’m glad things came together the way they did, especially as it pertains to the Peculiar multiverse.

Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for the first Back-Up Feature Friday this Friday, 1/23. The plan for the Back-Up Feature is a place for me to post sketches, podcasts, different parts of the comic-making process, etc.