Gray Ghost

PECULIAR COMICS #21, copyright 2009 by ED

Well, finals are over. Sorry I didn’t post last week; I was building something sorta connected to the comic (it expands on the Soldat, who were briefly mentioned in one of the SPACE GODS! pages).

Here’s a continuation of the latest Gray Ghost story. (No, I didn’t kill him…again…yet…)

Two recommendations:

  1. SEE: “Star Trek”. It’s freaking awesome. I was never really exposed to a great deal of Star Trek, but I’ve seen some. Regardless, I enjoyed it immensely. As much sense as this makes, it’s an in-continuity reboot, a most-impressive feat.
  2. READ: The Adventures of Luther Arkwright. I honestly enjoyed this a bit more than V for Vendetta and Watchmen to be honest. Blasphemy, I know, but this was truly amazing (and I’m quite pleased that Hollywood hasn’t set its sights on this property…yet…)

PECULIAR COMICS #21, copyright 2009 by ED

FOR THE RECORD, I am officially done with nineteen years of schooling as of yeserday. Between that and the fact that our cable connection blows, this comic almost didn’t go up today.


PS – The “Credentials” page contains my cover letter and resume, in the event that you happen to have spare coin to spend on supporting my filthy, filthy comic book habit. That, and I like showing them off, because I’m a pompous dirtbag like that.

PECULIAR COMICS #17, copyright 2009 by ED

THIS IS WHERE I BEGIN to express my feelings on the gritty, lone wolf, anti-hero type. Now, don’t get me wrong: I LOVE me some Batman (and yes, I enjoyed RIP and the end of Final Crisis, thankyouverymuch), but Wolverine? No. There are a handful of Wolverine stories that I actually enjoy, but other than that, I think he’s worthless and should be the victim of some sort of colossal, cataclysmic event.*

Stay tuned through Vol. 2, when part of a new line of PC (entitled “From the Streets of Jupiter City”) explores the life of a character that may or may not sorta kinda maybe resemble Wolverine.

*I say this knowing full well they won’t; there’s a good rea$on he’s in so many freaking Marvel books…

PECULIAR COMICS #16, copyright 2009 by ED

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING completely different.

With this page (and the next one) I explore the Gray Ghost mythos a bit. I hope to delve into it more later on, but I’ve got a few loose ends to tie off. Hell, we may even see a new Gr…well, no, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself; I haven’t even planned anything like that out yet. But, I can assure you that, as always with Peculiar Comics…stuff will happen (and if you’re under the influence, said “stuff” might actually resemble something “well-done” and “understandable”).

PECULIAR COMICS #6, copyright 2009 by ED

I SWEAR TO the Gray Girdle, this is the most fun I’ve had thus far making a page. Half the fun in this is drawing new characters. I’ve got a multiverse to fill, after all.

…but that’s just me. What do you think? What’s working for you? What isn’t?

Comment. E-Mail. Follow me on Twitter (yes, I’m sorry, I’m one of those bastards that doesn’t let you stalk him anonymously).

PECULIAR COMICS #5, copyright 2009 by ED

I like podcasts. If I’m in the car or walking around plugged into my iPod, chances are, I’m listening to someone’s banter rather than music (I love music, too, but sometimes I get more out of podcasts). Here are some of my favorites:

Dollar Bin – A buncha people sitting around, bantering about comics. A very fun listen.

Escape Pod – Good science fiction without the trip to the used book store.

HijinksEnsue – Not only a fantastic web comic, but a great geekery podcast as well.

iFanboy – Comic book reviews and discussions that I look forward to each week.

NPR’s Fresh Air -Yes, I am a middle-aged hipster at heart; why do you ask?

Tom Vs. The Flash – Recaps silver and bronze age comics with a modern perspective and genuine adoration for the medium.

Smodcast – I love Kevin Smith movies. Maybe it’s the same inner fourteen-year-old that gets a secret chuckle out of the Sarah Silverman Show, but I love them, nonetheless. Listening to him, a goofy stoner nerd who just happens to be smack in the middle of Hollywood, and Scott Mosier banter like normal people is refreshing.