Space Gods

PECULIAR COMICS #15, copyright 2009 by ED

WHOOPS! SORRY IT’S LATE! No excuses; it just sorta happened.

Eternals #7, the end of the current series, came out today. It was a good run. The art was sorta iffy towards the end, but I liked the story, and the ending was something I didn’t expect. ‘Twas a much better wrap-up issue than Simon Dark.

Also, this was win.

PECULIAR COMICS #14, copyright 2009 by ED

HOT DIGGITY DAMN! More Space Gods shennanigans! More buildup and ominosity! Yes, ominosity is so a real word!

Also, my egometer is reading low when I look at my page count. I appreciate the comments and views of those of you who DO drop by, but I encourage you- nay, I beg you- if you enjoy this, spread Peculiar Comics around the Internatz like influenza in a daycare! However, I might warn you to spread only to people who might appreciate it (so the influenza reference is kind of moot), as I don’t want your friends and neighbors thinking that you’ve been taking happy pills.

PECULIAR COMICS #11, copyright 2009 by ED

SPACE GODS? WTF? Where did they come from?

Long story short, they came from a crappy art school project! Whoo hoo!